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Secrets of Winning the Stock Market - Video Tutorial

Content -

  1. Introduction - What makes stock price move up/down?
  2. Financial statement (P&L, Balance sheet, Cash Flow) analysis in an easy-to-understand way
  3. Financial ratios that I use in quality stock selection 
  4. My way of Management Analysis 
  5. Business / Industry Analysis and External Factors that I consider 
  6. How I screen from 5000+ companies to initiate research?  
  7. Valuation Analysis - When to buy and sell? 
  8. Portfolio Construction - Practices that I follow 
  9. Common Mistakes - How to avoid it? 
  10. Important Points to Remember   

Sample Stock Market Tutorial Video


Important Points

  • Refund is not applicable so kindly read this entire page carefully before subscription.
  • The entire video series is based on fundamental analysis excluding banking and financial companies, as there are complete separate frameworks for banking stocks. Excluding bank and financials there are 4500+ listed companies which one can analyse with the help of video series.
  • Self learning module. No queries would be addressed for keeping the cost low, affordable to all. All videos are in an easy-to-understand language so that there's no necessity to address queries. Still for doubt clarification session, one can book private one-to-one consultation.
Stock Market Tutorial
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About the Instructor

Prasenjit Paul

Prasenjit Paul

Prasenjit Paul is a successful investor with 10+ years experience in the stock market. He started investing at an age of 18 and has a history of identifying several multibagger stocks like Can Fin Homes, Caplin Point Lab, Atul Auto, Ajanta Pharma, Mayur Uniquoters, Century Plywoods, Sirca Paints, Chemcrux Enterprises etc. Apart from that, he has a successful history of making consistent profit from identifying several fundamentally strong stocks. His personal portfolio generated CAGR of 27.45% over 2012 to 2019 i.e. every 1 Lac investment in 2012 turned into 6.96 Lacs. He had authored the Amazon India bestseller book, "How to avoid loss and earn consistently in the stock market" that received wide positive acclaim since after its release in 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I download the videos for offline viewing or to share with my friends?

    No, all the videos are for online viewing only. You can watch videos online as many times as you want within the validity period but downloads are restricted. Sharing the content anywhere is prohibited. You won't get any offline material (video CD/ presentation etc). However, you will receive a customised MS-Excel sheet through which you can check the fundamental strength of any 4,500+ companies (excluding banks and financial) within less than 5 minutes which will immensly help for taking investment decision as well as avoiding poor quality stocks.

    The subscription entitles unlimited online viewing of the videos within the validity period. After the validity period, the access automatically revokes unless renewed.

  • What if I require some doubt clarification while watching the video series?

    Kindly note that it is a self-learning module. Further, to keep the cost at low and affordable for every investor, answering queries are excluded from the service. Answering query requires personal attention, any other person (employees) can't handle the same without deteriorating quality. Thus, inclusion of one-to-one doubt clarification session will require my personal time, which in turn will increase the cost of tutorial by a big percentage. The attempt is to prepare those videos in an easy-to-understand simple language so that no such doubts can arise. We are also open for feedback for improving videos.

    Still, if you want to connect with me personally for any kind of doubt clarification related to any aspects of the stock market, you can book an paid appointment from this page.

  • If there is any future launch of different series, then will the current subscriber get free access?

    No, if I launch any separate service or video series, then that would be charged separately. However, if there is an updated/modified version of any video within the same series, then we will notify via email to the subscribers having active subscription on that point of time.