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(For investors interested to invest in foreign stocks from India - Innovation-led High Moat Stocks with Multi-year bright prospects)

Get foreign shares Buy/Sell transactions notification of Prasenjit Paul with portfolio allocation

Investment Purpose Philosophy & Asset Allocation

  • Purpose - Almost every Indians are using products (directly/indirectly) of global companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook (WhatsApp), etc, helping them profit maximization but not able to take part of value creation journey in Indian Stock Market. Thus, the primary purpose to invest in foreign stocks from India is to take part of their value creation journey and profit maximization. Secondary purpose is diversification across geography to mitigate any geo-political risk/uncertainties in India.
  • Investment Philosophy/ Stock Selection - The investment will be in high moat companies having competitive advantages and great long-term prospects. For example, a company like Google (Alphabet Inc) is far ahead than competition and in few areas (like Android, Map, YouTube, etc) enjoys almost virtual monopoly with continuous innovation helping customer lock-in and networking effect. Such companies remain a consistent wealth creator and also having multi-year bright future ahead. Unfortunately, such innovation-led high competitive advantage companies are not available in India. Thus, the philosophy in foreign stock investing will be to stick with innovation-led high-growth companies having multi-year bright prospects.*
  • Allocation- Personally, I will keep maximum 20% of overall portfolio value in foreign stocks, it can be lower than 20% but maximum threshold will be 20% just to balance risk-reward. The detailed allocation structure is available in after-login segment, "Member's Zone". Also note the investment horizon will be for very long term, like 2-4 years or more. After selecting high moat company with multi-year bright prospects, I will keep adding at every major price support level. On the other hand, I prefer company/sector rotation and profit-booking while investing in Indian stocks. The portfolio churning rate will be a lot lower in global stocks.

* My current portfolio stocks are from the following sector - Technology, Food (FMCG), indirect play of finance and healthcare segment. - All the companies have innovation-led approach translating high competitive advantage, customer-lock-in and market leadership in respective segment. By subscribing this service, you can get the details of all stocks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many stocks/transactions one can expect? Tell me more about allocation.

    The number of portfolio stocks and transactions will vary depending on the market situation. However, there may not be more than 15 stocks at any given point. All the stocks have innovation-led business, high competitive advantage, strong fundamentals with multi-year bright prospects, so investments are mainly for the long term. I will disclose my complete portfolio of global stocks under this service.

    Your first step is to "Define Capital" i.e. how much you are planning to invest in foreign stocks from India till 2021 end. (We recommend any amount not more than 20% of overall Indian + Global portfolio value). I will display the portfolio allocation considering the target investment of $1,00,000 till 2021 end. Thus, you can replicate based on any multiplying figure, like if your target investment till 2021 in global shares is $20,000, you can simply divide all allocation percentage by one-fifth and replicate it. You can also invest in fractional quantity like 0.5 or 0.002 of any stock. After 2021, there would be a yearly fresh fund infusion that would be notified on later dates. There won't be enough churning in portfolio stocks, rather target is to keep investing at every price correction with long term holding view.

  • Is it mandatory to open account with Vested to subscribe the service?

    Absolutely not, you are free to open a trading account with any service provider to invest in foreign stocks from India. Vested platform is just a suggestion as I am using the same. Feel free to trade with any broker of your choice.

  • Are you registered with any American/global regulatory body?

    No, I am not registered with any global regulatory body. Kindly note, the service is not meant for offering investment advice, there will be no research report. I will just disclose my personal buy/sell transactions that any member as per their wish may or may not replicate to invest in foreign stocks from India.

    We don't execute any buy/sell transaction on behalf of any investor. Thus, the entire profit/loss is the responsibility of the investor. The service is just an information sharing, not any investment advisory.

  • What if I have some stock specific queries?

    Kindly note that no stock specific queries are addressed. The service is just offering a glimpse of what I am buying and selling in my personal portfolio. 

    Further, my experience of offering advisory service from 2012 to 2019 reveals that investors mostly ask query only while the stock price keeps moving down. I rarely used to receive queries that revolve around stock price moving up. Most of the queries revolve around "Why the price is going down?" Answering queries never help stock price to go up. Moreover, in maximum cases, I find no significant value addition to address stock price related queries. Thus, stock specific queries are excluded from the service.

    Still, if you want to connect with me personally for any kind of doubt clarification related to any aspects of the stock market, you can book an paid appointment from this page.